What is Solarpunk?

About the Solarpunk genre.

Scientists and engineers don't create world-changing technology alone. Science fiction writers create ideas, inventions and worlds that scientists and engineers later build.

Don't Look at the Hazard

When driving or biking in dangerous terrain, the best way to avoid the danger is to not look at the hazards. We tend to go where we look, so look where you should go. When driving, look at the open road, not the accident. When biking, look at the path, not the tree.

In the matter of building our world, hazards dominate our fiction and media. Dystopian works of fiction (cyberpunk) focus on high-tech and low-life. Dystopian, outrage porn fill our screens and our feeds. When the focus of our minds eye is on hazards, it is towards the hazards we will go.

The Open Road

Solarpunk is the open road. Solarpunk focuses on high-life and how to get there, whether high-tech or low-tech. Solarpunk is a genre of fiction that envisions a future in which renewable energy sources and sustainable practices are the norm. Solarpunk rejects pessimism, cynicism and defeatism in favor of hope, effort and ingenuity. Solarpunk encourages on pragmatism and do-it-yourself.


Solarpunk stories often feature vibrant, green cities filled with community gardens, solar panels, and other forms of sustainable technology. Characters in solarpunk stories are often activists, artists, and other individuals who are working to create a more just and equitable world.

Solarpunk is not just a literary genre or artistic movement. It is a movement that inspires people to take action towards a sustainable future. It is a call to imagine and build a world that is not only livable but also beautiful, inspiring and vibrant for all. We're here to make solarpunk a reality.